Montana Local Foods

Montana is a hub for a variety of local foods that you can try out while touring the state. You will find the best hunting and fishing activities in Montana while you are served quality traditional dishes. Whether you are a pure vegan or love the roasted meat fresh from a hunt, Montana will provide you with the best of both sides. Here are ten local foods from Montana that you must try when you are in the state.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

We have to mention the locally grown fruits and vegetables that we find in the growing season in Montana. It has many local markets growing their own home produce which they use locally and also send out to the other states. Grains, vegetables, and fruits are the markets that create great produce every season.

Farmers market

The Big Sky state has over 40 farmers’ markets that provide fresh food locally. They provide supplies to the local restaurants and homes. The running seasons for the farmers’ market last for a short period from May to September. Some of the smaller markets run only during July and August.

Specialty meat

Montana is also popular for its meat varieties that include beef, bison, and eld. The state has plenty of space for the beef and bison to roam and eat naturally. They are grass-fed and raised in the old-fashioned way to keep the meat traditional. You can find local meat dishes in restaurants and on the streets.


Montana is a popular exporter of cherries. The Lapin and Rainier cherries from Flathead Lakes are known for their deliciousness. You can find them at the times of July and August. You can eat them from the bag, freeze them for later, and also use them for making special jams with locally popular recipes.


Huckleberries are also a specialty in Montana. These purple and blueberries are sweet and fresh when bought in the season of August and September. They can be found in the foothills of the Rockies. They have a unique taste that can be used in blueberry recipes as an alternative. You can enjoy huckleberries with cream, ice cream, pancakes, and more.


If you like fishing, you can find some good locations around Monatan to go fishing for trout. Trout is the most popular fish that is hunted and eaten. It tastes the best when grilled or pan-fried. You can fish for it in the cold and fresh stream through the mountains of Montana.



Montana also has its own dairy farms serving special goat cheese and other dairy products. Amaltheia Organic Dairy has goat dairy products that are popular among locals. They make organic dairy products that are healthy and delicious to be used any day for recipes.

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