Top-Rated 4 Tourist Attractions in Montana

Montana is a rugged state that has a touch of its wild past, with the massive unaltered natural spaces defining the region’s beauty. The wide-open and uncrowded spaces in Montana have enticed numerous writers, explorers, and traveling enthusiasts for over a century. Various activities are offered in the state to keep the visitors engaged. The outdoors and adventure dominate most of the other things in Montana, and most of the activities here are remarkably beautiful.

Glacier National Park

From the wild rivers to the Glacier National Park, everything glistens in the glitz of the country’s spectacular features to leave the tourists entranced. However, it is not just the adventure opportunities that make Montana worth your time and money. The wild sense of the Old West lingers on to make your trips memorable. A sense of expedition is evoked by the frontier history of Montana. Let us look at some of the top-rated tourist attractions in Montana.

1.      Glacier National Park

This park stands as the Crown of the Continent in Northwest Montana, and it comprises mountain ranges, thick forests, alpine meadows, countless sparkling lakes, glaciers, and tall waterfalls. The park serves as an iconic destination with multiple features of an adventure paradise that keep bringing more visitors. Almost every other year, tourists repeat the same trip, mostly for the adventures.

2.      The National Forests

Montana is also known for its ten beautiful national forests that comprise nearly 200 million acres. The overall experience is raised by a notch through the wide-open spaces that make you feel like you are in a paradise. Many of these national treasures are left unexplored by the citizens, whereas the tourists check out all the best spots. Around five of these national forests are within a short drive of Missoula. Bozeman is a great jumping-off point for those who wish to explore the forests.

3.      The Big Sky Resort

This huge resort is only an hour’s drive south of Bozeman, and it is home to a large skiing zone. Snow-capped mountains and slopes define the ski, with at least 400 inches of snowfall taking over the slopes per year. As soon as the winter hits, skiers and snowboarders descend into the resort to explore the 5,750 skiable acres. You can get the full resort experience only if you visit the Big Sky, which delivers the perfect skiing location for the Montana downhill journey.

The Big Sky Resort

4.      Fly Fish Blue Ribbon Waterways

Montana was made synonymous with fly fishing through the Brad Pitt movie ‘A River Runs Through It.’ The surplus of mountain streams and rivers are known to the anglers, bringing them to the shores and in the waters since time immemorial. Besides the major waterways such as Missouri, Madison, and Yellowstone Rivers, thousands of other rivers and streams also flow through the ridges to provide the fishers with a lot of fish with every cast of the net. You can connect with the local guides to find the best ways to fly fish in Montana.

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